Besides colour rendering and equipment calibration, the choice of paper in fine art printing is important at both the artistic and technical levels. A good paper choice is one that complements the image, helps take it to the next level in artistic expression and improves its value to the collector. Technically, the best paper for art prints is a vital component of the printing process and determines if the print is durable enough to last for the years to come. Whether it is a portrait of an elderly gentlemen or the rolling landscape of an English countryside, your choice of paper has a crucial role to play in fine art printing.

What makes a good fine art paper?

Many elements determine if a paper is indeed suitable for a precise and long-lasting print. The points to consider include:

– The material of the paper
– Coating technology
– Colour of paper
– Paper weight or ‘gsm’ (grams per square meter)
– Surface texture or finish